Tips for great  pictures



  • Wear something that is comfortable, fits you well and is wrinkle-free. 

  • A POP of vibrant color is great and pops in any photograph.

  • Solid colors are best, not too many patterns.

  • Complimentary colors for you, your significant other or family members are easy on the eye, not neccessarily matching.

  • If you are wearing heels in your pictures, bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes to walk to location and other locations we may be photographing at.

  • Manicured nails and toes are always a good idea! I shoot from all angles!

  • Clean your shoes up and scuff marks or dirt will stand out in pictures.

  • If you have your hair cut try and do it a week or more before your pictures are done. You may end up not liking your hair cut and this will give time to fix to your liking.

  • Try to stay away from fried, greasy, and salty foods a couple days before. These foods can make you look puffy and a bit swollen. This will also include alcohol.

  • For engagement pictures if you would like your rings photographed you might want to have them cleaned.  You can also bring props i.e. rings, memorabilia, etc.

  • Getting make up and hair done is worth every penny! I highly recommend it. I have packages that can include make up artistry, hair styled, airbrush make-up and lashes.

  • Prior to photoshoot, get plenty of rest and water!

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