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Happy Monday!

Rise and shine!! So Friday lastweek, I met some really great women at Catherine Basu's Book launch, Superwomen Secrets Revealed. If you have not had a chance to read it or buy it, do yourself a favor and get it!!

The venue for this lovely event was the Thinking Girls Boutique. Which I think is a brilliant idea! Its a place where you find one of a kind items, learn and be apart of a community that gives back. As Alicia the owner says, You meet, shop and learn! Its an enchanting boutique filled with knowledge, intriguing items from all over the world. So you know you are buying a one of a kind, instead of the same stuff you find in department stores. Alicia, herself travels to different parts of the world and hand picks these items/pieces to share with us! Her boutique has jewelry, art, books, clothing, sculptures and so much more. Its a very glamorous, eclectic boutique where you can also take a class to stay up on new trends, or if you are an entrepreneur you can enhance your marketing skills, or create videos, take pictures or network. I can't tell you how much I love this idea! Alicia you are brilliant and I hope every woman in Houston visits your shop and gets as much joy as I did from it! I know they will, especially if you are there to guide them with your passion for helping women and for life itself!

Here is where you can find more information on Thinking Girls Boutique and watch a video about her little gem in West Houston.

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