Last minute road trips are good for the soul!

I actually have two blogs! And instead carry on with that insanity I am going to merge the two! So some of these posts are old but NEW Here...haha...see how I did that! Enjoy!

Hey there!

A week lovely daughter, Angel and I took a last minute mini road trip to Galveston. Why? Oh just because! I mean it was a Friday...a beautiful day we said what the heck! It was a great day...we shopped, ate at this great restaurant and walked on the beach. This day couldn't have gotten any better...but oh yes it we were walking along the beach we were just about to go under the pier and I slipped and fell in the mud! My daughter almost couldn't help me up because she was laughing so hard. I honestly was only worried about my camera and managed to save it and put myself in the most uncomfortable position but I am sure glad my embarrassment could get her to laugh her butt off! I am sure some people saw the whole thing..and thought I looked like a crazy lady with mud all over my pants, shirt and this mud wasn't coming off any time soon! I have always been the clumsy one!

But you know this day was just what my soul needed...laughter, sunshine, the beach and my best friend! I will treasure this day forever. Below are some of the pictures I took that day plus one of my daughter reenacting my gracious fall! Xoxo Somer

Yep that was sooo funny for her!!

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