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Happy Sunday!

A couple months ago I took some headshots for a friend, Catherine Basu as she wrote her first book! This week, on St. Patrick's Day, I attended her book launch and I must share my experience.

Catherine Basu author of "Superwomen Secrets Revealed," had her book launch here in Houston, Texas. Catherine shared her personal inspiring story on how she became an entrepreneur, author and fitness coach! The way she tied it into St. Patrick's Day was clever! The life changing pivot points in her life, her journey, her "lucky times" that resulted in what was meant for her. Sometimes things come up in life that disguise themselves like a giant obstacle which really are prepping you for something greater in life! Awe...eye opening!

At times when you felt things aren't going well, such as getting fired, getting a flat tire, some uncontrollable reason you show up late to an event, those are the times the universe is pivoting you in another direction. As I truly believe the Universe, God, Creator, The Divine whatever name you use... is showing you another way. Because we are so conditioned and we are in a state of worry we don't see it. But when it does show up and you realize it...its like a light shining in the dark. Life changing!

Catherine's Book, Superwomen Secrets Revealed has definitely come into my life at the perfect moment. If you find yourself constantly struggling with exercise and fitting it into your daily routine. Then this book is for you! If you want to know how success and exercise go hand in hand, then this book is for you! If you are just unmotivated, uninspired, lack the energy to get off your bum, then this is for you! Like I said this book came into my life just at the right moment and when I needed it most. The book is filled with Superwomen CEO's, leaders, authors, mothers, working women, journalist and women who give back. Catherine has asked all the important questions to these successful women, how is exercise important to you, how do you incorporate it into your daily routine, what do you do if you skip a workout, why is it important to you, what does a day in your life look like...all things we want to know and so much more! Investing in yourself is how we grow, how we nurture our souls, how we evolve. Investing in yourself is never a bad thing! So pick up your copy today! I guarantee you will not regret it! See below on where to get your copy!

Much love and light,



To get your copy and you are in Houston, you can go to Thinking Girls Boutique and get 20% off!

Want to know more about this multi talented woman?

Check out her website:

P.S. I got a signed copy! Plus Catherine and I share the same last name, well her maiden name, Turley...add that to the lucky coincidences!

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