3 Tips to better photos!

We all want to look good in photos and with alittle help we can! Here are my 3 short and sweet tips for better photos.

1. Find the light. Natural light is always good. Not to the point its blinding you. If you are having your portraits taken and you are outside take advantage of Golden Hour. What is Golden Hour you ask, well its either 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunset. The light is more even, instead of the sun shining straight down on you at noon. Cloudy days can be good too, as the clouds act as a diffuser for the sun. Just be sure to bounce the light from underneath to cast out any darkness underneath the eyes. You can do this by reflecting light from a side walk.

2. Shoot from eye level or slightly above. To avoid any possible double chins or dark shadows ...as its just a more flattering angle.

3. Get your hair and make up professionally done for your portraits. You can choose a natural look, or a more dramatic look. The camera can give a washed out look, and make up can just enhance all of your features.

These are just a few tips! However, if you hire a professional photographer like me! I will handle all of this for you! Otherwise just keep this in mind for your everyday selfie.

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