Tips on what to wear for your next portrait session.

We love glamour portraits here at Somer Turley Photography. Through experience I have learned that some things work and some things don't work and I would like to share these tips with you. Therefore, you can be well prepared for your next portrait session.

1. Bring items that are not too small on you. Preferably clothing items that fit you well. I can work with something too big, however when an outfit is too small, you are not only uncomfortable, but it can be unflattering and can limit your posing.

2. Stick to solid colors. Most of the time patterns are too distracting and unflattering. Solid colors will keep you as the focus in portraits. I prefer beiges, nudes, black, white, pastels, and bold solid colors.

3. Bring and wear under wear that consists of nude, black and white colors. I have some outfits at the studio that are see through and we can match the underwear so its not as noticeable.

4. Bring accessories. Family heirlooms, jewelry, scarfs, hats etc. We can always incorporate them in the outfits or match up with something I may have in studio.

5. Your favorite foundation, sometimes you know best what your colors are and if you have a favorite foundation bring it. Same goes for lipstick or lipgloss.

6. If you have hair extensions, bring them. Our hairstylists are more than capable of styling with your extensions.

This is just a few things to keep in mind for your next portrait session. Below are some examples of wardrobe. What is your favorite?

Here are also some links to some great shops:

Love a tulle skirt? Check this site out below:

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